Clarity From Complexity

Reserve studies are essential to the strategic planning of any community. These studies often provide information about communities that are increasingly complex. Understanding this information—from the physical inspection through the financial analysis—is critical to informed decision making. But too many reserve studies are difficult to understand. That’s why we’ve created sophisticated systems that produce clear, easy-to-understand reports that community leaders use to achieve alignment on long term plans for maintaining, enhancing, and protecting their communities.

Mr McDermott Speaking at APRA's 2016 Annual Symposium

Mike McDermott, RS, PRA is presenting "Is Percent Funded DOA?" at Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA) annual symposium, April 23,

Registered Nevada Reserve Study Specialists (RSS)

As of April, 2016, 5 BRG reserve specialists are registered RSS’s making BRG perhaps the largest RSS resource with 10% of all active Nevada RSS re